About Us

GRH is a professional and well-known UAE based consulting firm that provides their services internationally for maximizing corporate performance and business growth of their clients. The team of this company strives to keep all their values at the core of services.

GRH consulting services focus on their clients most important issues and prospects: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, corporate finance, and sustainability across all industries. The team brings deep, functional expertise through their complete outlook. GRH team members have proven the best outputs and maximum growth in different projects which ultimately lead to client’s business success.

    How do they Work?

    They offer expert advice to different types of businesses at every level of its operation so that the clients can invest their time to focus purely on their business activity and let us take care of everything else. Having a team of professional business consultants, GRH is dedicated to serve, the business community, under one roof, with expert advice and all the possible services that enable a business to start and grow. The team passionately work for maximum growth of their clients as they believe to make an effective network to grow together.

  • Collective Growth Approach

    Many talented, hardworking, and dedicated people in are individually and collectively providing extraordinary consultation services to their clients. The main focus of this well reputed and professional company is just to provide trusted insight and measure performance based on customer success. They mainly concentrate on client’s mission and business objectives for collective growth. The professional team of GRH understand the importance of great work and the trust customers put on them to help them achieve their vision.

  • Trusted insight

    With remarkable services, GRH can create an exact picture of where you are today, where you need to go, how to face the challenges and how to get there. Having a success story, the team of GRH is always ready to provide technical performance business consultancy for their customers and to make sure to maximize their growth.

  • Core Values

  • • Best in services
  • • 100% Client satisfaction
  • • Cooperation
  • • Skillfulness
  • • Responsiveness
  • • Effective communication
  • • Result oriented services
  • • Continually striving for better
  • • Integrity
  • • Honesty and Trust
  • New methodologies

    GRH consolation services are designed to provide businesses the essential support to establish the motion needed to overcome challenges and quicken success. Through their modern methodologies, they are providing the best outputs in an effective way. Having in-depth knowledge and experience to quickly identify and address different problems GRH’s team offers transformation support, personalized to meet different business goals and challenges. This includes management consultation, marketing consultation, strategy making, information technology consultation, consultation regarding investments and many more to help the clients beyond every limitation.

  • Expertise

    In any kind of challenging situations GRH helps to achieve tremendous success complete, understanding, expertise. key Integration and implementation decisions. GRH provides insight, experience, and leadership to shape those decisions and to ensure your business succeeds.

  • Vision

    GRH work to generate a better future for your business by working on modern methodologies and values to satisfy their clients through their services. They develop new trends of doing business through research with the aim of maximize growth rate. Considering the broader impact of their actions is implanted in the company’s values and is a fundamental part of who they are.

Board Of Directors

Harald Bertsch

Harald Bertsch

General Manager


Ramy Hamed

Ramy Hamed

Group Chief Financial Officer